Real Estate Video Misunderstood

Real Estate Video Misunderstood

Slideshow-is-not-video-real-estateFrankly, I have no idea how much longer we will experience the deceptive promise a of a real estate video tour when what you actually get is a slideshow. Including a Ken Burns effect, logo, and (cheesy) music is not exactly what you’d call video production. Most agents host their slideshows on YouTube; however, I believe YouTube has intentions of limiting the presence of the slideshow videos since it is primarily a full-motion hosting service. Yes, full-motion is key!

Quality Issues

In fact, a slideshow put together in a video format and then uploaded to YouTube loses quality because of compression. The photos in your video slideshow become low-resolution and often very pixilated. You can watch a video in 1080p but most people watch YouTube videos in 360p format – a far cry from your 20 megapixel resolution photos you stitched in a slideshow for which you probably paid some serious money. Compressed full-motion video that was shot professionally will still look good even at 360p. This low resolution is offered for faster streaming and only good for full-motion video. Nothing wrong with slideshows, but keep them in that format and avoid convert ing them to video.

They Said “Video”

Most agents have visited a seminar where a real estate social media guru (who has possibly never sold a house) lectured on the importance of using video in your marketing. And rightly so. There’s no question video is one of the fastest growing marketing tools for businesses. What the expert may fail to mention is HOW to use it. So, we take take our cue from others and try shortcuts, often outsourcing to vendors if its easy and cheap. If a virtual tour provider is offering you a video tour, inquire whether its real video/full-motion. Also, ask whether a videographer will shoot your listing or if the offer only includes uploading your virtual tour slideshow to YouTube. If the latter, don’t waste your money. Just do a slideshow yourself for free in 5 minutes. Consumers want to see a video, not the same pictures they just saw in the listing info, now in a form of a sloooow slideshow. Simply check your YouTube watching stats to see that your video views are stopped at about 5th second of your slideshow. The remaining 4 or 5 minutes? They are pointlessly occupying YouTube’s server somewhere on the other side of the world.

Come on, you can do it!

True-Home-Video-Tour-YouTubeWhatever you do, please don’t call a slideshow a video. It really makes some buyers annoyed because, frankly, you are wasting their time. Video sparks emotions and gives viewers a way to connect with the property and the neighborhood (if you include that in the video).

Why not make a video tour of your listing? Pull out your phone, hold it steady, and make a 1 minute video presentation of your listing – trust me, buyers love it. Even better, hire a professional to give you an edge over the competition.

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