Listing Video boosts your image, gains massive buyer views

It’s just simple statistics. When a listing also has a video attached to it the views go up! Your search results are better, your image improves in the eyes of the buyers as well as your seller! Still only a small percentage of listing agents use video to promote their listings. Why? There are several reasons.

  • They are budget conscious and think it’s too expensive.
  • They assume they have to go on camera and are too shy.
  • They don’t know what to do with the video file once they receive it and don’t know how to maximize the video’s potential to promote the listing as well as help in personal branding.

Let me give you a few tips in regards to these reasons.

  • I assume you have a marketing budget for each property you list. How much is it? 5%? 10% 15? of your potential commission? We have different options for video. When discussing your needs with your photo/video specialist you may become surprised finding that there may be a budget conscious option for your video that will still look amazing. Have a conversation and ask for a package deal.
  • Some people are more open to be on camera than others. You don’t need to be an HGTV start to say “Hi, I’m Mary! Welcome to my new listing at 123 Maple street!” Just this one line alone can give a warm and welcoming feeling to your potential buyers. They may like you so much that they would like to work with you directly and now even use a buyer’s agent!
  • Once you receive your video – what do you do with it? Here’re some tips. Ask for a non-branded MLS-friendly link. So you can post it on MLS and where other agents can see it. Ask for 1-minute long version, so you can post it on your Instagram. Longer versions are great for posting on Facebook and LinkedIn. In this day and age these 3 platforms are essential to use if you are involved in any B-to-B sales. Successful selling is about having a great product and exposure to as many potential buyers as possible. Additionally you can create a page on your website where you can post your video and photos of this listing. Creating a separate property landing page with address in URL is also a good idea and will help with your search results on Google. Finally, give the video to your home owners! They will be ecstatic to show off their home on their social media platforms! How about your fellow agents? Let them share it too and bring you a buyer!

We hope this has been helpful and that you will start using video tours of your listings to help you sell faster and for more money. Call us today to schedule: (470) 420-4237.


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