Time To Use Video In Real Estate Marketing

Are You Using Video In Real Estate Marketing in Atlanta?

Because if you aren’t, you may be missing some clients. I once made a property video for a client and a buyer bought it site unseen after he watched the video on his iPad while on the plane 30,000 ft in the air.

video-in-real-estate-marketingSearch Google for a property address. If that property has a video tour it will pop up in the top of the results! You can place a video link in your MLS, On, Zillow and Trulia. All my video are made with purchased copyrighted soundtracks, so you will never be kicked off if you load it directly to Facebook!

Do you know you can now also directly upload videos to LinkedIn? THIS IS HUGE! Think about it. The more eyeballs you will have on your listing, the higher your chances are for selling that property quickly. And that’s what your seller wants. That is what you want too. I charge $200 for small homes, and $300 for properties over 2,000 sq.ft. Currently I include drone video in all my property video (if drone use is allowed in your area). Call me today (727) 418-9016 or send me a message to schedule your property video! Here are a few samples.

I make real estate videos anywhere in Atlanta, Marietta, Kennesaw and other towns of Atlanta Metro area. Ask me also about property photos, twilight photography, drone pictures and your headshots!

Are You Packaging Your Services Right? Simple Tips For Real Estate Marketing and Branding In Atlanta

Cupcake Theory

cupcake-branding-marketing-real-estateA cupcake wrapper without a cupcake is of not much value. Yet, a cupcake without a cupcake wrapper is a nuisance. You can’t bake it without a wrapper and you’ll get messy when you eat it. You need a wrapper. A wrapper is a a type of packaging and packaging is a multibillion dollar industry. It is for a reason. And it’s not just for a practical reason. The looks, the appeal, the attraction are also invoked by smart packaging.

In a way, a realtor is a master of packaging, you, my great Atlanta Realtor keep things from burning, YOU help avoid sticky circumstances and deliver a pleasant experience.

If someone threw a cupcake in your lap, you wouldn’t enjoy it, you probably wouldn’t eat it either. Imagine buttercream icing soaking deeper into the fabric of your favorite suit! A wrapper is both convenience and quality presentation. Apple products come to mind. Ever unboxed one? Then you know what I mean.

Is Your Branding Consumable, Pleasant and Helpful?

Too often we forget about the wrapper, we focus so much on the cake. It’s understandable, it is what we want and it is what we want to share with others. But nobody wants messy business. The desired end result is a practically and esthetically pleasant experience.

Are you throwing all effort into the cake forgetting the wrapper? Are you keeping the desired end result in mind? Is your product or service presented in a consumable, easy and pleasant way? If not, it’s time to pause and reflect.

The meat (or in this analogy – the cake) of your work is the sales process. You love the real estate business and you love to help people buy or sell properties. What you need to see is that branding and personalized marketing is your packaging. But a great sales person is not always a great marketer. It’s normal when an agent struggles to independently create a nice branding portfolio. All those cheesy slogans on bus benches? Umm, yup! Creating a “You” brand takes time and creativity, demands searching deep within yourself, becoming self aware and going all in on your strengths. Many real estate companies offer help with marketing and branding, take advantage of it. Yet you will still need to implement a lot individually, and if that’s not your strong suit – hire a professional.

Marketing and Branding Must Be Useful

If there was one thing I’d want you to take away from this message, it wouldn’t be just a fact of you needing a presentation and looking good. I’d say it’s this: don’t just look pretty, be useful too.

Marketing and branding is not just story telling. It’s also doing something useful. Your stories shouldn’t just tell a good story about you and showcase your product or service – your stories must draw tears because of the positive action your marketing brings to the lives of others. Need help marketing your services/products in Atlanta, Marietta, Alpharetta, Roswell and other Metro Area? Give me a call (727) 418-9016

Real Estate Videos Don’t Sell Real Estate in Atlanta

They don’t, YOU do.  How would I know and why would I say this while being in business of producing real estate videos? Because before going into the photo/video business full time I was a Realtor in Tampa Bay for 5 years and I’ve used video from my first month in business.  To the very last day of me selling real estate full-time I’ve never had a huge and immediate boost in listings and sales because I utilized video.  What I did have was a gradual growth of clientele base who appreciated videos that I used in my marketing.

Real Estate Video St Petersburg Tampa FloridaI love photography and creating video content, so it was easy for me to choose and keep these tools in my marketing toolbox.  “Marketing” is the key word in the idea if using video, it’s not a sales tool.  Frankly when business becomes so very open and relational as it is today sales techniques diminish in their vitality.  They are still important but mostly refer to negotiating and closing skills. Marketing has become the lifestream of business.  The definition of marketing has become broader, fuller and more complex.

We choose marketing tools we like, feel comfortable with and believe will appeal to our clients.  We all know that producing a piece of marketing material is only a half of work done.  For it to be effective it has to be strategically placed. It works this way with video content too.  I’ve sometimes seen clients for whom I’ve produced photos and videos not really know how to showcase these gold nuggets to the world.


Here are a few tips from my personal experience on how video can boost your marketing campaign


1) Have a set schedule for your video production, by date and type

By creating a short video at least once a week you will soon have an impressive library of video content. But you have to be consistent and have a schedule.


2) Categorize your videos by:

– Informational (about real estate market in general)

People will come to you because you have real estate knowledge and skills to effectively sell or help buy a property. Informational video will help your clients understand your skills and level of knowledge quickly as well as figuring out if they’d even like to work with you. Sometimes we just don’t click with certain people, and that’s ok. You’d rather never have them come to you, than come and then leave. Your information videos will take care of that.

– Education (about specific neighborhoods in your area)

Education videos will help folks see that you know the area, and know details about neighborhoods, plus it adds value because you showcased the features and streets of the area they may be interested in. Eventually you will have a library of such videos and you can utilize them on individual neighborhoods pages on your website. How cool would it be to have a short video about a neighborhood and then list all available listing there right under the video?

– Home video tours

In your sphere of influence there will also be people looking to buy or sell. Producing quality video tours will capture attention of those looking to buy, because they just don’t see real estate videos all that often. Sellers will also notice because they will want one of their house done when they are ready to sell. Besides your sphere those looking at homes online always get excited when they see that little blue button with a camera on it. Motion video gets a lot more views than a slideshow.

– You can also do one on local activities and events, but keep those to a minimum, you are a Realtor, so stay with things relevant to your business.


3) Figure out how to distribute your videos and who your targeted recipients are.

 This topic deserves a separate blog post, look for it in the near future.

In conclusion

You probably don’t need video marketing if you don’t use internet to communicate with friends, family and clients.  Unless you buy TV ads most of your video marketing will be online.  But it’s not for everyone.  Either embrace it, use it, dedicate marketing dollar to it or stick with the tools you feel suit you best.  Remember, it’s all about quality.  Not production quality, thought it’ll help, but your content quality.  Step aside for a moment and take a look at your marketing pieces: email campaigns, Facebook feed, postcards, flyers, your website – does any of it deliver value?  Is any of it interesting, important, captivating? Is any of it telling a story?  Because if there’s no value or importance – we (your prospective clients) can at least enjoy a good story.

So, You Decided To Sell Your Home!

So, you decided to sell your home!

front47Now what?  Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m a believer in the “why” question.  I literally will sit on an idea for weeks or even months before I can prove to myself that I have a legitimate “why” to execute it.  So let’s consider why you want to sell your home.  You may be downsizing, upsizing, relocating, have family issues, stopped making payments, are facing legal issues, or simply done with home ownership and want to rent.  None of these?  Then let me know, I love to know reasons!

Ok, you know why you need to sell.  The next question is deciding how you will go about it.  There are really only a couple options.  You either sell on your own as a For Sale By Owner (FSBO, or “fizzbow” – a name all local real estate agents will be jokingly calling you) or you hire a real estate agent.

I worked in the real estate industry for four years and was involved in over 100 transactions.  Let me give you a few tips from a “client” point of view as opposed to a “Realtor” one.

Deciding whether to sell on your own or with an agent will depend on several factors: how much you need to net, current market conditions, your level of sales expertise, and how much time you can afford to invest in the process.

Let’s start with the market

If it’s a seller’s market, not much is required to find a buyer.  Stick a sign in your yard, put it on Zillow, Trulia and for more exposure MLS.  You can list a home on MLS with a flat-fee limited service agency for a few hundred bucks.  Inventory is low and prices are climbing – these are indications of a seller’s market – you should get plenty of inquiries quickly if your price is reasonable.


Getting inquiries is a good thing, but how do you turn them into legit buyers?  Who will be showing them your home?  If you are not working and readily available during the day, evenings and weekends you can handle your own showings.  Most buyers will be represented by an agent (to whom you should be prepared to pay 2.5 – 3% as a rule).  If the buyer is not represented, however, be careful.   Don’t show your house to strangers when you’re home alone.  Have a friend or family member there with you to avoid any unexpected circumstances.  Before you show your home to a potential buyer, ask lots of questions and request proof of funds (bank loan approval letter or account statement).  It’s totally fine to ask people why they are interested in your home, whether they are employed, and if they are pre-approved for a loan.

So, let’s say you’ve gotten plenty of interest, tons of showings, and finally – an offer! Now what?  At this point, it may be wise to hire a real estate attorney or ask a title company for assistance.  I suggest you use a title company to do your title search, title warranty, and help you with closing paperwork.  If you’ve bought several properties in the past you may have enough experience to feel confident working directly with the title company without a real estate agent’s assistance.


Hiring a real estate agent can be very beneficial since its his or her job to represent your best interests in the transactions (not the buyer’s).  A good agent will take care of showings, pre-qualify buyers, market your home, and take care of all paperwork.  Moreover, a Realtor can tell you with accuracy what your home is worth, maximize the offer amount by creating increased interest via proper advertising, and handle negotiations.   How do you set your home apart from the competition?  How do you expose your listing to as many potential buyers as possible?  A good agent knows answers and delivers results.

Marketing on the Internet is a major portion of any marketing campaign.  Providing top quality marketing and web distribution/promotion of your property, together with correct pricing, will assure a faster sale for the highest dollar possible.  Whether on your own or with a help of an agent – you can do it!