How To Take Perfect Kitchen Shots

st-petersburg-kitchen-photoMost agents will admit that updated kitchens and baths significantly increase the “sellability” of a home. Not only will it sell quicker but also for more money. We spend a lot of time cooking, eating and bathing. And having these activities in a nice, updated setting is simply a pleasure. Not to say that moving into a new home without the worries and thoughts of investing in updates is a positive thing for most home buyers.

As a real estate photographer in Tampa Bay I could add that the first introduction to a potential home is done via photos or video tour that clients find on, Zillow or Trulia. So when you have a new listing, will you make sure to showcase the important spaces correctly?

Kitchens are often small and require focus and good composition to present it properly.

Here are a few tips on how to take good kitchen shots

straight-on-kitchen-real-estate-photography-tampa-bay1) I personally love straight on shots with high focal length. Meaning try to avoid using extremely wide angle lenses when shooting a kitchen. The bigger the focal length the more realistic the photo will look. Of course add a couple corner shots too.
2) Level your camera with the bottom of the top cabinets or slightly higher. Nobody cares to see what the cabinets look like underneath. Taking a shot from your belly hight might be appropriate for a living room but not for a kitchen.
st-pete-fl-kitchen-photography3) You are selling counter space, so remove most of the objects from the counters, even coffee makers and toasters. Trust me, the kitchen will look more spacious and easy for an eye to take in.
4) Got cabinet lights? Turn them on. Microwave light? Turn it on.
st-petersburg-real-estate-photo5) A small vase with flowers can work nicely, just make sure you don’t block anything important with it. You could also look in your fridge, find some fruit and place them in a bowl on your island or counter.

The rest is your technical skills with camera settings and lighting. It’s all in your hands from here on!  To get more ideas on how to take good kitchen photos visit my Kitchen Shots album on Flickr.

Money Shots – Part 2 – Kitchens

Good Kitchen Photos Will Make You More Money

Or, at least will create a lot more interest in your home.

kitchen Bayshore Blvd House

Dining rooms are becoming forsaken ground in many homes. No, not so much because we’ve become so unsocial and informal. Often it is because the kitchen is now the center point of our home. It’s a place which your family and guests gather around during a warm cozy night while you cook your favorite meal and serve martinis.

kitchen Brightwaters Blvd Home

Many kitchens now have eat-in areas bars and islands making it so easy to simply dine and wine right there, close to you meal preparing spot.


An often repeated by agents statement is that updated kitchens and bathrooms sell the house. In my opinion it is true, since the kitchen sets a general mood and feel for the interior of your home.

kitchen home on Brightwaters St Petersburg

The colors you choose, the style of cabinetry, type of couter tops, hardware design and appliances brands – all will speak so much about your house.

kitchen St Pete real estate photography

My job is to carve out a few photos of your kitchen in a way that will transcend the limits of the actual picture and pass on the kitchen’s character to your potential buyer. For me it means finding a good composition, showcasing most important and interesting features while creating a perfect balance and contrast of light.